A Fall-Inspired Centerpiece Tutorial

We are so thrilled to partner with Inside Weddings to share with you this fun fall-inspired centerpiece tutorial!  At Empty Vase we pride ourselves in elevating seasonal trends in unexpected and luxurious ways, and now you can too.  Today we have chosen to build a monochromatic design from within a french heirloom pumpkin, also known as a ‘cinderella pumpkin’– a variety known for its softly flattened top and the inspiration for the famous fairytale carriage.

Join us through this step-by-step centerpiece tutorial, and don’t forget to follow along with the livestream available now on Facebook!

Pumpkin Preservation Tips

First, you’ll want to choose a healthy pumpkin without any soft spots, small holes, or little cuts.  These can indicate internal rotting and will cause your overall design to decay quicker.  Once your pumpkin is hollowed out, soak it in a solution of water and a teaspoon of bleach for at least half an hour to further protect from decay.  Lastly, line the inside of your hollowed pumpkin with a layer of cellophane to prevent any water from transferring from the floral aspect and creating mold.

Creating Our Centerpiece

  • Lay a generous portion of cellophane inside of the hollow pumpkin then trim to fit, to prevent any leaks, and fit a block of floral foam.
  • Take the top of the pumpkin and insert it into the arrangement, with the pick just long enough to hold it in place.
  • To create a plush and compact shape, mentally divide the floral foam into three sections.
  • Begin filling each section evenly with a really full base, here we chose light green hydrangea– one bunch per section.
  • The key is to build each section up evenly with layers of texture and color to add interest.
  • After the hydrangea, we add a variety of beautifully textured fall foliage.  We are using smooth dark leaves and pointier oak leaves in autumn colors.
  • Ranunculus in a variety of shades from peach to orange are added next, again section by section.  You want to vary shades with a monochromatic arrangement to provide interest and excitement.
  • Add small, orange blossoms for another layer of beautiful texture.
  • The addition of roses adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the design. We used Ecuadorian roses because they exhibit stunning petal design a variation of tone that will help our arrangement pop.
  • When working with roses always peel off any ‘dead’ outer petals, and cut the stem sideways to help with insertion and to allow the flower to drink as much water as possible
  • Light orange dahlias are added next, then butterfly bush for more layers of contrast and texture.
  • A final touch of ilex berry branches completes the design and add an aspect of height.

The design of your fall-inspired centerpiece is so flexible and the options are truly endless.  As long as you remember to showcase a variety of hues in different intensities and textures, your arrangement is sure to look harmonious and stunning.

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