Focus on Anduze: A Village in Southern France That Keeps the Tradition Alive

Anduze is a cute French village of few more than 3,000 inhabitants, located in the South of France about 160 miles from Nice.

In a village known for a medley of sights including its famous Clock tower, “The New Castle” of the sixteenth century, and the Tower Pézène, most tourists find themselves traveling to Anduze for its Potter’s Tour, as equally rich in history as it is in artistry.

Anduze has been the unchallenged pottery capital of the Cevennes region of France for centuries.  First created in 1610 by a potter inspired by the Italian Medici vases, the Anduze vase is now famed worldwide.  It combines authenticity and elegance, resulting in a subtle mix of Italian expansiveness and a kind of austerity from the Cevennes. The pots usually have a compact body embellished by refined decorations such as garlands and macarons. The tradition of making vases is still alive today and these majestic, enameled vases still adorn the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. On the Potter’s Tour of Anduze and the surrounding countryside you can discover and admire the heart of the garden pottery industry, which has remained unchanged to the present day.

From gracing the entrances of town halls and public buildings to lining the gardens of mansions and parks, the Anduze vase is the perfect accent piece for any environment.  Some of the large vases weight up to 260 lbs, and are frost-proof and large enough to accomodate even orange and lemon trees.  These majestic pieces are the result of an art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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