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The Ancient History of Flowers

Flowers are one of the most ancient ways to decorate. They are nature’s most beautiful adornments and have been prevalent through time. Here are some methods and reasons that ancient civilizations used floral arrangements brought to you by your favorite Beverly Hills florist.

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Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were the earliest known civilization (around 25000 BCE) to use flowers for decorative purposes. They arranged freshly cut flowers in vases for casual décor and also in burials and funeral processions. Illustrations of theses uses have been carved on Egyptian cave stone reliefs and painted wall decorations. Flowers were chosen for their symbolic and religious meaning.


Special Occasion ArrangementsAncient Greece and Rome

The Ancient Greeks and Romans also used flowers. They mainly used them as adornments in the form of wreaths and garlands. Flower petals were also tossed onto floors and beds. The most popular foliage that the Greeks and Romans used was acorns, oak leaves, laurel, ivy, bay and parsley. The Greeks awarded Olympian champions and champion poets laurel wreaths whereas the Romans awarded them to triumphant war generals. The most popular flowers in ancient Greece and Rome were roses, hyacinths, honeysuckle, violets, and lilies. These flowers were used not only as décor but in their food as well.


Ancient China

In ancient China flowers were an essential part of religion and medicine. Followers of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all used flowers in religious alters. Paintings of flowers can be found on vases, plates, scrolls, and silk and carvings on wood bronze, jade, and ivory. Flowers were picked for their symbolic meaning, for example: bamboo, the peach tree, and the pear tree were symbols of longevity. Pomegranate, orchids, and the tiger lily were a symbol of fertility. The peony was the most honored flower and symbolized wealth, status, and fortune.


The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese are some of the most ancient civilizations. They had similar yet different methods and uses for flowers but what seemed to bring them all together is their use for their beauty. Flowers have been used as décor and adornment for centuries and are still very much popular today. So next time you decorate your home with beautiful flowers from your favorite Beverly Hills florist, know you are part of a very long-standing tradition.


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